Art Activity: Plaster Casting

img_0654As I watched the tutorial on plaster casting I immediately thought “Oh fun!” However, my experience with it hasn’t been the smoothest ride. My plaster casting is currently seen in the photo setting in my bucket of sand still since I chose to go the at home route with this activity.

I started off by going to Lowes and Daiso to purchase my necessary materials and laying them out when I got home. I found that it was hard to get the sand to stay to the shape of my hand so I added little bits of water each attempt. After I finally got the sand to stay the shape of my hand, I mixed my plaster and water with a wooden ruler in a bucket. After stirring very quickly I poured it into my molding. I wait about an hour to come back and realize my mixture wasn’t setting. It was at this moment when I realized my plaster to water ratio was off. Hopefully it will eventually harden so I can see my master piece but until then it’s time to wait. I will update with a new photo of my activity status as soon as it hardens up!


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