Art Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse


An unfavorable recipe of vodka and her mother’s pills played the role in this teenager’s death. Over worked, stressed, and exhausted from surrounding pressures, she attempted to take her own life which turned out to be a success. But would success be the right words to describe this situation? It is actually the complete opposite. Little did she know before she took her last breath was that she would graduate with a degree, happily marry, and see that all of her problems were only temporary. She was beautiful and intelligent but when stress gets in the way she is blinded to reality.

I chose suicide as my landscapes with a corpse topic because it can be a very touchy topic. Now some may ask if it’s so touchy then why would you choose it? I chose it because however touchy it may be, it is an important topic. I believe too many teens/young adults have self doubt and negative feelings as sometimes I hear examples of them often just walking through campus. “My life is over if I fail my exam,” “My parents will hate me if I don’t get into the nursing program.” This is why it needs to be brought to the attention that one’s life is more than a degree, a job, or stress. Many issues are temporary rather than permanent and I believe everyone should realize their life is worth living no matter how bad it may seem at times. There’s always a brighter day ahead.


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