Week Three: Artist Conversation – Megan Macuen

For week 3, I interviewed and looked at the art of Megan Macuen. Megan is currently a graduate student here at Cal State Long Beach in the school of art fiber program. This is only her second semester in the program and this interview occurred in her first art show. She originally lived in San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles for the past years and finally decided to move to Long Beach to continue her career in art as CSULB is one of the only schools with an art program in fiber. She enjoys working with fiber, yarn, and thread since weaving caught her interest as a teenager. However when she is away from these mediums, she enjoys watching films, listening to records, and riding her bike around Long Beach.

Megan’s pieces consisted of cotton rope, nylon rope, yarn, wood, and other hardware. They were mostly structural and very appealing to look at. None of the pieces were named and this is because she states she’s “overcoming a fear of words” in labeling her art/pieces. However, she does have nicknames for her pieces to refer to them easily. For example, figure one is referred to as “tether ball” while figure 2 is referred to as “satellite” and lastly figure 3 is referred to as “jungle gym.”

With such large structures we asked Macuen if she gets help with her pieces and she said yes. Her boyfriend helps her construct and portray her ideas sometimes when they get challenging for her to do on her own. I thought it was cool that her and her boyfriend can work on these projects together, especially since she is the only artist in her family so she has someone to share the interest with.

Overall, I really enjoyed interviewing and looking at the art of Macuen. She was very sweet and interesting to talk to. I thought it was most interesting that she starts off her pieces with an open mind and allows that to drive her starter idea which eventually branches off into others. If she has another art show I will definitely be sure to be there!


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