Week Five: Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

For this week’s visit to the art galleries, I was very interested in a particular exhibition. It was Yeri Hwang’s presentation. I particularly liked this exhibition the most because it got everyone involved. It was very interactive and included writing things down, pressing buttons, and many more hands on things. It was great to be able to do more than just look at the art and I’m sure many others loved interacting as well, as I could see them smiling as they tried all of the pieces in the gallery.

Yeri is a studio art major who is graduating this year. She’s loved art since she was little and never knew why she wanted to become and artist but just knew she had always felt that way. It wasn’t actually until high school and after that Yeri got more interested in art and took more of an initiative in it. She’s the only one in her family who is an artist besides a sister of hers who studies music. Art isn’t her only interest. In her free time she enjoys playing video games, writing stories, and more. When asked about her future, Yeri stated she definitely wants to go to graduate school and seeks a background in illustration. She also might want to pursue something with video games or movies. She was a very kind and interesting person.

Now for Yeri’s art, she used many different materials. These included electronics, plaster, wood, latex, dry, wall, mirrors, and more. Her whole exhibition was supposed to be a journey through life for the audience and I think that’s what made it stand out the most to me. Each piece had a story behind it and the fact that everyone could interact with is made it that much better. One piece was about the gift of one’s name at birth and another was about forgiving and acceptance which she showed were both important aspects to everyone’s journeys. She said her reasoning for making it interactive was to democratize art since conceptual art can sometimes be hard to understand for people. I thought that was super interesting.

My favorite piece overall from Yeri was the altar/memorial at the end of the exhibit in the very back. I really enjoyed the darkness with the candles as well as the broken glass. I think it really portrayed a memorial for the regrets and things that shall be forgiven. Written in front of the piece was a note stating to write down what you wish to forgive and I especially love how this got the audience to really reflect.


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